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Electricity is not your core business. It’s rarely given a second thought other than when the bills are received and when they need to be paid.

Electricity is also invisible. Generally, you know when your equipment is turned on, but you don’t know how much power it is using, the quality of electricity it is receiving or whether it is operating excessively.


The old adage goes that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Metering your electricity supply gives you the visibility required to properly manage your energy consumption and expenditure.

Technology advances in recent years have enabled cost-effective cloud-based solutions to be accessed on phones and tablets, giving you detailed insight into your energy consumption.

Benefits from metering include:

  • Data to analyse energy consumption patterns and identify when energy is being unnecessarily used. This can trigger behavioural changes or equipment scheduling to reduce wasted equipment run times. A simple example could be analysing how much power is used overnight or on weekends (or at times when your site should otherwise be consuming negligible power).
  • Data showing how much energy is used on each of the three electrical phases. Keeping these balanced is a simple way to reduce demand penalty charges on your bill.
  • Automated alerts notifying you via email or text when energy consumption levels exceed preset thresholds. This may be useful if you are constrained in your electrical capacity (i.e. circuit breakers will trip if excess power is consumed), or more commonly, you want to reduce maximum demand events to reduce the demand penalty charges on your bill.
  • Electricity sockets can be wirelessly incorporated into an energy metering network, so that you can schedule runtimes of connected equipment, and / or turn equipment on or off remotely through the energy metering software platform.
  • If multiple energy meters are installed across your site, on equipment distribution boards as well as the main switchboard, this provides more detailed insight into the energy consumption of your individual equipment and / or buildings. The more granular the data, the easier it is to identify individual loads that can be managed.
  • Recording detailed energy data enables you to track the progress of energy-saving projects.

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We work with several impressive energy monitoring solutions and select the most suitable for each project. It’s a field that is constantly advancing with increasing computing power and data analytics and more cost-effective hardware.

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