How can Energywise help me ?

Energywise makes saving energy a simple, reliable process. These are the steps:


Consultation Session to Understand What Matters to You

The most important step is to understand what you want to achieve. How much do you want to save? What is your investment criteria? How long are you in your premises? Are you eligible for any rebates? Are there any technologies that are of specific interest to you? What non-financial benefits can energy efficiency provide you?

Assess Your Energy Usage

We assess your energy usage over the last 12 months, combined with an understanding of the types of equipment at your site and the nature of your business operations. We apply over 10 years of experience in commercial energy efficiency to identify where the best opportunities for energy savings are likely to be.

Analyse The Options

Our engineers analyse the information gathered to model a range of potential energy efficiency solutions. We compile and recommend the ones that are likely to best fit your desired project outcomes. Throughout this process our engineers are asked to stand in your shoes.

Detailed Facilities Study to Finalise the Solution

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site operations, your electrical equipment and the best suited energy saving measures for you. Depending on the size of your business, this will involve between several hours to several days actually on-site. This is for businesses who are serious about reducing your energy costs, and there is a nominal investment required. The outcome will be a clear, financially attractive solution aligned to you and your business.

Implement in the Most Seamless Manner for Your Business

Project implementation needs to be simple for you. Depending on the nature of the project, there may be some minor interruptions, but we understand that your core business is the number one priority – so our focus is on delivering a seamless project to you.

Years of Benefits

All of our solutions are high quality to provide you with years of benefits. Electricity cost savings, other cost savings and non-financial benefits are the outcomes you will receive. They will exceed your expectations and really add up over time.

Reliable Follow-Up

We work with only the best quality products. However, even the best products occasionally have issues that require attending to. If this happens, we’re here to serve you and promptly and effectively deal with whatever is required. We’ve been working with our commercial energy efficiency clients for 10 years, and we’ll be around for decades to come.

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