Solar Water Pumping Avoids Ongoing costs on Electricity, Fuel and Maintenance .

Solar Water Pumping


Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. With widespread, prolonged drought across the country, access to water is critical.

In many areas, water pumping requirements have been met using diesel pumps. These have a high up-front capital cost and expensive ongoing fuel and maintenance costs.

For many applications a solar water pump is the most economical and practical solution.

A water pump must be reliable. It needs to be of high-quality materials and construction to deal with different conditions and water quality. And it needs to provide this quality at an affordable price.


The SolPumps range of solar water pumps are a high-quality, affordable solution. They are solid, reliable and high output.

Water can be pumped with no ongoing electricity or fuel costs and negligible maintenance.

This enables:

  • Large reduction in both capital and operating costs compared to grid electricity and diesel costs
  • No need for continual re-fuelling (and the time and hassle involved)
  • Elimination of standing costs from electricity grid connection
  • No need for switch boards and control apparatus
  • Repairs can often be completed by DIY level handyman, due to extra low voltage
  • Reduced carbon footprint and use of finite natural resources
  • Can be trailer mounted for portable, relocatable pumping systems



Solar water pumping uses include:

  • Properties filling storage dams
  • Agriculture properties with stock water tanks
  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Residential property owners
  • Builders / construction companies needing to clear water from trenches and excavations
  • Aquaculture
  • Essentially, any requirement for pumping water where there is room for a solar array (and batteries where appropriate).

Why SolPumps

The SolPumps range was created in response to a gap in the market for a high quality, reliable and efficient product, at an affordable price.

Pump types include:

  • Water transfer / aeration pumps
  • Deep bore pumps
  • Surface mounted pumps

The product range is from 100 to 2,100 watts. This provides up to 50,000 litres per hour and up to 200m lift from an individual pump. There is virtually no limit to the flow and / or lift that can be achieved by a combination of pumps working together.

We can assist with professional design and installations.

Installations can include roof, ground or floating mounts (Floating installations also reduce water loss from dams through reducing evaporation).

Durable, Quality Construction

SolPumps are manufactured of strong, durable materials appropriate to the specific task they are designed for. We avoid plastics, to gain a longer lifespan.

Deep pumps are made from 304 grade Stainless Steel (316 is only needed for salt water use). They have stainless steel helical screws or impellers, dependent on the specific application.

Shallow pumps have cast iron impeller housings, aluminium impellers and stainless steel motor housings.

Brushes are usually the first component to wear out in an electric motor. Because SolPumps are brushless, there is lower ongoing maintenance cost and longer lifespan.

High Efficiency Water Pumping

A brushless DC motor with permanent magnets delivers high efficiency pumping, with impressive reliability and longevity.

Multiple pumps can be joined in parallel to a manifold to increase flow, and / or operate in series to maximise the working head height or overcome internal pipe friction in long distance installations.

External or Built-In Controller

SolPumps have a choice of either external or built in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) which increases the pump output by extracting the maximum power from the solar panels.

This is classified as PCE (Power Conditioning Equipment) and is covered in Australian Standards and CEC (Clean Energy Council) guidelines. Certification under IEC62109 is in progress, which will enable solar STC rebates to be generated from the solar array connected to the SolPumps range.

The pumps operate through a wide voltage range, enabling pumping during low solar production conditions.

Additional Control Options

Additional controls, using plug-in sensors, can automatically turn the pump off and on when:

  • The tank or dam is full (high water switching)
  • The water source is dry (low water switching)
  • The desired pressure has been reached

The pump can also be switched off or on remotely via a built in 4G telephone sim card system.

Safe Design

Most of the pumps operate at 120V DC or under (ELV – Extra Low Voltage), so they can be maintained by any competent person.

The pumps are protected against reverse polarity. They will simply not operate if negative and positive are reversed. When you attach correctly it will start working again.

The pumps have a 3-year product warranty.

The photo below displays a selection of the range.

Energy Management System

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