Power from the Sun.


Solar is becoming increasingly attractive for business owners. Equipment prices have continued to decrease and the financial benefits are now within the investment criteria of many businesses.


With the financial rebates that have been available and the high residential feed-in tariffs, it has been a lucrative industry that has attracted plenty of cowboys and a lot of poor quality equipment.

The reality is solar equipment must be Tier 1 quality – otherwise it is likely to become a liability for your business over the long-term rather than an asset. It doesn’t cost much more to get reliable high-quality panels and inverters for your building and to work with a reputable company. The peace of mind and ongoing performance certainly warrants it and you’ll be grateful for it in the long run.



If you have received a quote for solar that did not fit within your financial investment criteria, please contact us.

We utilise our experience with energy efficiency products over the last 10 years to combine a solar project with other energy-saving measures. This improves the financial attractiveness of the overall project and is likely to have it fit within your required investment criteria.

And as well as delivering a solar installation, the project will also deliver the many financial and operating benefits of an energy efficiency upgrade at the same time.


Improve your business profitability and environmental performance.

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