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A large part of your electricity expenditure is avoidable. It’s simply wasted, offering no benefit to your business. Think for a moment – would you repeatedly pull a $50 note out of your wallet and burn it…?

Of course not. Although, indirectly, this is what most businesses are doing every day. Instead of burning your hard earned cash with matches, you’re paying more of it than needed to your electricity supplier.

Why is so much electricity wasted?

It’s easy to understand why this occurs. Beyond the simple behavioural changes you can make to reduce your energy usage, and maybe replacing your old lights with new ones, dealing with energy efficiency can get complex and time-consuming. And you’ve got a pile of responsibilities to deal with, people to take care of, clients to keep happy and not enough hours in the day. You’re great at what you do, but it’s hard to find the time to deal with matters outside your core focus. We know what it’s like. For areas outside our core focus, we turn to experts we know we can depend upon, rather than try to figure it out ourselves.

What energy saving products does Energywise install?

The ones that are best suited for you and your site.
We don’t approach a site with a pre-conceived idea of what solutions to implement. We start with you and your site, and then engineer the product mix that is going to best suit the project.
We work with more than 25 different commercial energy efficiency and renewable energy product types. We have the experience and expertise to know when each product is appropriate, and just as importantly, when it is not. We’ve included a selection of these in the ‘products’ menu.

If you have any of the following equipment at your site, we have product solutions to match:

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    Refrigeration equipment

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    Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment

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As you can see, this covers most equipment that uses electricity. Not all product solutions will be suitable or financially viable for you. This is why we capture data, analyse in detail and model the outcomes. We are not going to waste your time by recommending anything that is not suited for the project.

What if we’ve made a lot of energy efficiency improvements already?

Great work. Then you already know the benefits energy efficiency can provide.

No matter how efficient a site, there is almost always further improvements that can be made.

Challenge us and see what further benefits we can achieve for you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you straight. If we can, then you’ve saved some more $50 bills going up in flames.

What is your pricing like?

Our commitment is to provide the best value energy solutions in Australia.

We are often not the cheapest from an ‘initial-cost’ perspective and we never want to be. There are plenty of companies offering cheap, low quality products who target that space. Historically within this industry, many of these companies have then disappeared when product quality issues start to arise. What started out as a cheap investment for the client then becomes a whole lot more expensive and troublesome to fix, distracting from and impacting other areas of their core business in the process.

If an energy efficiency project is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. With quality products that will last, and with a company that will be around to service the relationship and deal with any warranty requirements if needed.

Working with an experienced, reputable company and investing in quality products delivers far greater outcomes from day one, a long-term solution and much higher financial returns over the full lifespan of the project. This is what you get when you work with us.

Improve your business profitability and environmental performance.

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