Over the last 10 years THE Energywise business has been built on solid partnering relationships.

It’s easy to look at other companies in your own industry and view them only as competitors. We prefer to look for ways in which we can cooperatively work with each other, to better serve our clients and the marketplace. Sometimes there are cross-overs, with aspects of direct competition, and at the same time, aspects where working together can be mutually beneficial. It requires integrity from all involved and a commitment to the relationships established. 

Since 2007 the Energywise business has been built on solid partnering relationships. We always welcome discussions with other companies in this industry, to understand how we could potentially assist each other and our respective clients, and if we are a good fit to work together.

Providers of Products and Services

We love to hear about new products and services and understand how they can assist our clients.

Please let us know if you have something that is proven, high quality and delivers great results.


As an Australian manufacturer of Voltage Optimisation equipment, we have many resellers (in Australia and Internationally) who buy the equipment wholesale from us and include this within their client offering.

We also provide energy efficiency and project management solutions to companies who on-sell our products and services to their clients. This enables our partners to offer a suite of products to their clients, in addition to whatever is their core business offering. We make it simple for our partners, as they don’t have to worry about the intricacies of making it all happen or establishing the experience and expertise to deliver on often complex, multi-faceted projects. We take care of this for them and they manage the client relationships.

Improve your business profitability and environmental performance.

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